Bowls Club 24 hour Marathon
For 24 hours from 5 pm on Friday 4th September till 5 pm on Saturday 5th September the Rinks at  Bridgman Bowling Club were in constant use in the cause of charity.
There was a group of 12 Bridgman Members who played for the whole 24 hours with only two 2 hour breaks during the 24 hour period.  They were supported by teams of members plus visitors from other local clubs including Bedford Borough, Olney, Sharnbrook and especially Cogenhoe Bowls Club who sent two teams on Saturday morning. Each team consisted of 3 bowlers (men or women or a mixture of both).  These teams were supported by Russel Thompson, County Champion, his wife Cath Thompson and Simon Hammond, former County Champion, from Kempton Hammers Bowls Club and England Bowler, Darren Lyle.  In excess of 100 bowlers took part. Spectators were also welcome and it was only during the middle of the night that the numbers watching fell to a very small number.
The charity supported was the Oncology Unit at Northampton General Hospital and the event was held in memory of Jacqueline Kitchener, wife of Club President Norman Kitchener, who sadly passed away last year after her cancer returned in a much more aggressive form.
Norman had set a target of £5,000.  In the event the total raised was £11, 772.73  This total includes the proceeds of a Raffle which took place on the day and raised over £700 and the contents of the Jar on the Bar which produced a further £260 on the day.   Prizes were donated by club Members, members of the family and friends and local businesses. Norman thanked all those who took part and those who sponsored them for their superb efforts for this really worthwhile cause.
A presentation was made to Nurses Alison, Caroline and Denise representing the Oncology Unit at the Club's Annual Dinner and Dance on 27th November 2015. The Picture below on the right shows Norman, the Nurses and some of those bowled last September with the presentation cheque.
In the photograph above are 11 of the intrepid bowlers who played for the whole 24 hours (from the left: John Osborn; John Griggs; Bob Patrick; Norman Kitchener; Pete Edwards; Tyler Grey; Bob Milligan Jon Dolling; Phil Birmingham; George Rowland and Tim Coles).  The missing bowler was Andy Gronkowski who stood in at the last minute and played until about 8 am when he had to leave to attend to some private business – Club Captain Michael Walker took his place for most of the rest of the Marathon.  The other bowler who deserves special mention is Pete Edwards from Yardley Hastings, who along with Kit Denney had agreed to play one of the early sessions even though they are not bowlers. As we were one bowler short for reasons beyond our control Pete agreed to stand in for the whole 24 hour period – now he is an experienced bowler we hope he will join and enjoy the normal bowling experience!
More photographs of the event can be seen by clicking on one of the images below:
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